The Big Picture:
Square Peg Farm is offering shares in a Hog CSA for the 2011 season.  Similar to a vegetable CSA, the Hog CSA is a
partnership between the farmer and you, the eater.  You provide capital which we use to feed and house the pigs.  
When your hog is butchered, you will make a final payment based on weight that will cover additional feed, labor,
transportation, other miscellaneous costs, and profit.  Your hog or half hog will be cut and wrapped at a USDA
inspected facility according to your instructions. When your meat is ready, you will pick it up from the butcher and pay
them for their work.

How we Raise Hogs:
Square Peg Farm is a certified organic producer.  Every month, part of our herd of Chester White sows is bred to our
Berkshire boar to provide a regular supply of pigs.  During dry weather the pigs will be pastured on several acres at
the farm where they will graze on grass, clover and weeds.  They will dig for grubs and worms and we will feed them left
over and "scratch and dent" produce from our vegetable operation.  During wet weather the pigs are housed in
spacious straw lined greenhouses.  Most of their nutrition will come from certified organic hog feed provided daily.  The
hogs will always have access to fresh water and shelter from sun, wind, and rain.  During their 6 or 7 months on the
farm the hogs will receive no hormones or antibiotics.   Our experience shows that this system, based on good food,
fresh air, plenty of exercise, and very low stress, produces excellent pork.  
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How a Hog Becomes Pork Chops:
When the hog is the right size we will bring it to the butcher who will slaughter the animal and cut it up according to your
instructions.   The pork will be wrapped according to your instructions and flash frozen for storage.   Do It Yourselfers
can arrange with the butcher to pickup a fresh carcass for cutting, curing, and wrapping at home.

How Much Pork a Half Hog Yields:
A half hog will have a "hanging weight" of around 100 pounds.   Hanging weight is measured when the hog is killed,
eviscerated, bled, and hung to cool for a day.   After hanging, the hog is cut and wrapped and part of the animal is lost
to this process.  Depending on your cutting instructions, a typical 100 pound half hog will yield 70-75 pounds of
cut/wrapped meat for your freezer.  

How Much it Costs:
The cost for the hog is $3.50/lb based on hanging weight so a typical half hog will cost $350.  The actual cost will be
calculated when the animal is butchered and will reflect the deposit already paid.  When you pick up your meat, the
butcher will bill you for his services which include slaughter, cut and wrap, and curing.   As of January, 2011 the typical
butcher costs for a 100 lb half hog is about $90.  

How to Sign Up:
Send a deposit of $200 for a half hog or $400 for a whole hog to:
Square Peg Farm, 6370 NW Evers Road, Forest Grove, OR 97116
Include your name, phone number, and email.
Space is limited and orders will be processed first come, first served.  

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Contact Chris with any questions at
Square Peg Farm 2011 Hog CSA